Who We Are


Gee was born and raised in Berlin, Germany and spent 15 years of her adult life performing all over the globe, mainly on stage in European countries. As a professional dancer and model, she performed in an array of fashion shows, conventions, auto shows, malls.  Gee was the face of world known brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Venice Beach just to name a few.  Her performances involved artistic, choreographed dances designed to highlight a brand, product, or a corporation's services.


"I have always loved and enjoyed performing!  Through all the years in Europe, I always had this little secret ambition.  The ambition was to bring those European style shows with "DANCING MODELS“ to the United States!“                                 


"To deliver creativity and art to businesses allowing them to promote and brand in a stylish manor with a touch of Europe – with a European flavor you might say.“ 


This is why she created Evance Concepts!

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